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Total Quality Managemnet Diploma
Booking open for diploma in the field of comprehensive quality health care for doctors, pharmacists and Bachelor of Nursing. Certificate issued by American University and documented and approved by the Supreme Council of Universities..

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Use the TOEIC test when you are evaluating English proficiency for placement, progress and program completion .

In the twenty five years since it launch the TOEIC test has become a recognized standard for English language learning programs around the world that need to evaluate the proficiency of prospective or existing students .these organization recognize the importance of English skills tn today's global workplace . And they see the TOEIC test as a tool to help their students integrate into the professional world

The TOEIC Test:

  • Provides better information to support placement decisions.
  • Support the full training cycle --- placement, progress and exit exam.
  • Attracts corporate clients --- corporations turn to English -- language learning organizations that use the TOEIC test to develop English proficiency.
  • Offers a common standard of measurement for individual and organization wide comparison.
  • Draw more students who know that corporations require a TOEIC score as part of their application process.

Use the TOEIC test for

  • Placement --- place students into appropriate English score.
  • Business development --- attract more students who know they need a good TOEIC score to succeed in the international workplace.
  • Demonstrating learning progress --- the TOEIC test provides east to read score reports to share with prospective clients as proof of English proficiency.
  • Evaluate program effectiveness --- use TOEIC scores to measure the success of your programs and suggest areas in need of improvement.