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Total Quality Managemnet Diploma
Booking open for diploma in the field of comprehensive quality health care for doctors, pharmacists and Bachelor of Nursing. Certificate issued by American University and documented and approved by the Supreme Council of Universities..

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The diploma which is accredited by the Egyptian supreme council of universities is designed to meet the need of healthcare professional who to gain knowledge and skills to help them improve quality in their organization. Participants will learn about establishing and managing quality systems that comply with international standards.

Learn how to:

  • Lead the quality activities at your organization by acquiring up-to-date knowledge about quality management through a comprehensive curriculum.
  • Use concepts, tools and techniques necessary for application of internationally recognized quality system standards such as ISO 9000.
  • Be an active participant in teams carrying out planning and improvement projects.
  • Get about 70% of the body knowledge required for the exam of the Healthcare Quality Certification Board (HQCB) in the USA, and become a Certified Professional for Healthcare Quality (CPHQ).

Program Outline:

Course 1
The Basic Six Sigma Breakthrough Improvement Process:

  • Define Phase
  • Analyze Phase
  • Control phase
  • Measure Phase
  • Improve Phase

Course 2
Managing Information in Healthcare:

  • Introduction
  • Planning your CQI journey
  • Understanding Variation
  • Basic SPC Concepts and Run Chart
  • Control Chart Theory Simplified
  • Statistical Process Control and Use of Control Cgatrts
  • Drilling down into Aggregated Date
  • Issues with Control Charts
  • Limitations of Attribute Charts
  • Healthcare Information System
  • -Data Collection
  • -Computational Techniques in Project Management (PERT)

Course 3
Planning for Top Quality in Healthcare Services:

  • Project Identification.
  • Defining Customer Needs.
  • Process Design.
  • Identifying Process Controls.
  • Identifying Customers.
  • Service Design.

Course 4:
Quality/Environment System Standards in Healthcare:

  • The standards for Quality Management System ISO 9000
  • The Standards for Environmental Management System ISo 14001
  • (JCI) Joint Commission International Standards

Course 5:
Improving Organizational Performance:

  • Thoughts on Quality
  • Movements in Quality
  • The Quality Umbrella
  • Structure, Process and Outcome
  • The Concept of Customer
  • The Healthcare Organization
  • Healthcare Delivery Settings
  • Process Analysis Tools in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Organizations as Complex Systems
  • Strategic Planning for Healthcare Quality: Guiding the Organization
  • Leadership: Translating Strategic Goals into Quality Outcomes
  • Aligning, Structure, Staff, Rewards, Information System, and Financial System to Support Quality
  • Organizational renewal to support quality
  • Performance assessment; measuring results
  • Strategies for implementing quality improvement
  • Structural elements of PI.

People management:
1-doctors communication skills
2-team skills

  • Teams work
  • Questioning
  • negotiation differences
  • Providing information
  • building rapport
  • Feedback making decision
  • Listening

3- People management:

  • Leader and management
  • What is motivation and why it is important?
  • Performance improvement process
  • Empowerment, decision making , and problem solving
  • Change management
  • Managing conflict
  • Working with consultants
  • Staff QM/PI orientation, training and education
  • Staff performance
  • Team coordination
  • Communication
  • Employee selection

Admission requirements:

  • An original university degree certificate in a relevant field { medicine , pharmacy , density ... etc } with a minimum pass rate" good "if not ;an experience letter with at least 2 years experience .
  • For administrators, proof of working at a healthcare organization.
  • Participants will go through an English placement exam with minimum pass rate 78%
  • ID and 2 photos


This is a three semester diploma; each one is twelve weeks long and covers two courses.


Certificates that successfully complete the requirements with a minimum attendance 80% and minimum grade 65% per module out of the six modules will be granted a diploma in total quality management and quality management systems from the American university in Cairo .the diploma is accredited by the Egyptian supreme council of education.